RVBUST VDA (Visual Displacement Analyzer) employs cutting-edge computer vision technologies to monitor
and acquire 2D/3D surface profile, displacement, deformation, strain, motion, vibration, velocity, acceleration,
as well as other relevant physical quantities with high accuracy in a real-time manner.
Outstanding Performance
High measurement accuracy: The VDA provides unprecedented high measurement accuracy;
for instance, the accuracy can reach 0.01 mm at a working distance of 10 m. Broad working range: With a variety of hardware configurations,
the VDA supports very broad working distances ranging from 0.5 m to 1000 m.
Hyper-accurate Calibration
Robust and flexible calibration: The VDA adopts a cutting-edge technique for hyper-accurate flexible calibration.
In addition, a dual-laser-aided scheme is employed for accurate system calibration at long working distances.
Multiple Working Modes
The VDA supports 2D and 3D measurements in different modes: single point, multiple points, single area, and multiple areas.
Both online and offline analysis are supported.
* Bridge health monitoring
* Monitoring of high-speed rail
* Building health monitoring
* Real-time structure motion detection during construction
Rapid Deployment
Optimal engineering design and advanced calibration techniques enable the VDA to be ready for action from carrying case within two minutes.
Shaking table test of Large structural model
Wind tunnel test of 3mm diameter wire
3D displacement test for crane
Bridge monitoring